Why Consider Cataract Surgery?

If you’re considering cataract surgery, then you have started down the correct path. Typically, doctors of all types are cautious about surgeries of just about any type, but cataracts are something of an exception to that rule. Find out why cataract surgery at Round Rock’s trusted local eye care center, Round Rock Eye Consultants, is your best course of action.

Cataracts: Untreatable, Yet Entirely Fixable

While getting a cataracts diagnosis may not seem like your idea of a great time, there is a certain amount of relief that comes from the fact that this condition is entirely treatable with modern medicine. Left untreated, cataracts are a true nuisance for patients of any age. Luckily, almost no cataracts go untreated anymore, find out why below!

The Only Cataracts Treatment

Placing glasses or a contact lense over an eye suffering from a cataract will have little-to-no effect on obstructed, cloudy vision. The problem with a cataract is found in the eye’s lense itself. Looking, even with perfect vision, through a lense that has become a cataract is like looking through a cloudy, semi-translucent window; regardless of your quality of vision, the image will still be cloudy. This basically means that none of the typical non-surgical eye treatment methods provide any relief from a cataract. Plus, cataracts almost never revert or plateau, meaning that your vision will only continue to become more and more cloudy if left untreated.

How (and Why) Cataract Surgery Works

A cataract is a debilitating condition that will only continue to cloud your vision more and more over time. Cataract surgery strives to circumvent this issue in a permanent, safe, and effective manner by swapping out the clouded disk to insert an intraocular lense (or IOL) to immediately restore clear vision to the patient.

To provide further help in your decision, here are some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions our experienced cataract surgery doctors receive:

  • Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the entire medical industry, and is widely considered to be among the safest for the patient. While the word “surgery” is always a bit scary, ophthalmologists across the country are very well versed in the safety and risks involved, as well as how to best advise patients like yourself.

  • Your cataract can be removed through either “traditional” or “laser” surgical means, which essentially just changes the instrumentation used. At Round Rock Eye Consultants, we happily provide both types of cataract surgery for our patients convenience; talk with your doctor about the type of cataract surgery that is best for you.

  • Cataract surgeries are always an outpatient procedure and almost never result in hospitalization or major complications. Your doctor will talk through any particular risks you may encounter based upon other health conditions, but they are considered to be rare.

  • The entire procedure is expected to take between 15 to 20 minutes.

  • You will be given eye drops to use before and after the procedure that help facilitate healing where the cataract was removed and the IOL implanted.

  • Our staff will schedule postoperative visits with the doctor to ensure that your vision was safely and correctly improved by the cataract surgery.

  • Most insurances, including Medicare, will cover cataract surgery, but we encourage you to speak with our staff to find out the exact parameters of your coverage.

Schedule a Consultation

No amount of reading online will fix your cataracts. The only reliable way to stop the clouding of your vision is through a cataract surgery performed by an experienced doctor and staff; here in the greater Austin area, that means scheduling a consultation with Round Rock Eye Consultants. Our friendly staff is more than happy to provide accommodating care throughout this process. We are here to ensure that those suffering from frustratingly cloudy vision can get back to enjoying their lives through safe, effective cataract surgery!

Schedule your consultation with our doctors today, and begin to take back your vision!