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Much more than a simple vision screening, a comprehensive eye exam is carried out to assess the overall condition of your eye health using different tests. This series of tests will give your Round Rock Eye doctor a more comprehensive evaluation of your vision.


Patient Background

This is the first and perhaps most important aspect of getting a comprehensive eye. Your Round Rock ophthalmologist will examine your medical records and history to determine if you have any conditions that need to be monitored closely or any other likely concerns. A patient background check is necessary to help alert your eye doctor to allergies, medication, systemic and eye pathology, and environmental conditions that may be affecting your overall eye health and vision.

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Visual Acuity Test

This involves measuring your vision with a Snellen eye chart. This is the most basic test you’ll undergo as part of your comprehensive eye exam. You will be required to sit at a standard distance from the chart which contains letters and symbols of varying sizes. This test is carried out to determine how clearly you can see in each eye in comparison to an average person.

Refraction Tests

This is a supplementary test for those whose vision acuity test shows that they are nearsighted, far-sighted, or have astigmatism and other eye conditions that prevent them from seeing 20/20. A refraction test is necessary to determine the type of lens to be prescribed for a patient to correct their vision. The tests to be carried out may include:

  • Retinoscopy: This test is carried out using a device known as a retinoscope and helps to determine approximate prescription glasses for patients. A phoropter may also be used to determine the best prescription glasses that will help a patient see as clearly as possible.

  • Autorefractors and aberrometers: These are computerized machines that automatically measure refractive errors. They are additional tests used to determine the best prescription glasses for patients.

Eye Focusing and Eye Teaming Tests

During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will also test how well your eyes function individually and how they coordinate together especially from a mechanical perspective. To do this, you will undergo an eye teaming and eye focusing test.

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Eye Health

The final aspect of a comprehensive eye exam is to check the overall health of a patient’s eyes. This is aimed at identifying any diseases or eye conditions on the inside of the eye and externally. Eye health tests include:

  • Slit lamp test

  • Tonometry

  • Pupil dilation test

These tests assess the condition of the eyes in terms of accommodation, binocular vision, and ocular motility.

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A comprehensive eye exam should always be included as part of your general health maintenance plan, which means you should schedule eye exams regularly. The findings of your ophthalmologist during this test will provide valuable information for your doctor to work with. Call now to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Round Rock Eye Consultants!

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