Which Contact Lens Is Right For You

So, you have recently found out from our eye care center in Round Rock that corrective lenses are going to help your vision. This may have come as a shock to you, especially if you have never needed glasses or contacts before, and you are now trying to process all this new information. Don’t worry! Round Rock Eye Consultants can help you get adjusted to this major change.

Everyone's different, and so are their preferences when it comes to correcting their vision. Contacts are a great option and a popular one at that. A lot of people prefer contact lenses because they are much more manageable and give the appearance of not needing any vision correction whatsoever. Here’s what you need to know before you make this large decision:

Types of Contacts

Hard - Rigid gas-permeable lenses(RGP) They are made of materials such as plastic and silicone. They hold their shape but still allow oxygen to easily maneuver through the lenses so that it can reach the cornea.

Why use hard lenses?

  • Great for people with ample amount of astigmatism

  • People with allergies

  • Forms protein deposits

Soft - This is the most commonly used contact lens. They are very easy to wear, and most patients don’t feel them on. The other nice thing about soft lenses is there are a lot of different options and formulas to choose from

  • Daily wear - Replaced every day

  • Extended - Worn overnight but changed weekly

  • Disposable- Removed each night but are replaced on either a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Colored - Used for appearance and vision correction. Can also manipulate the shape and size of the pupil.

  • Tori soft - Can be used to help with astigmatism but sometimes is not as effective as RGP.

  • Multifocal - Used for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Once you and your doctor have decided which lens will be best, we will show you how to insert them into your eye and remove them safely. Our professionals exhibit patience and a kindness for your eye care needs. Let us help you to find the right contact lenses. Schedule an appointment at Round Rock Eye Consultants today!