Treatments for Relieving Dry Eye Disease

If you seem to be experiencing dry eyes more and more frequently, you may have a condition called dry eye disease. Unfortunately, dry eye disease is chronic, progressive, and often incurable. Fortunately, the majority of people with dry eye disease will find a way to manage these symptoms so that they can feel more comfortable.

Dry eye can be caused by a number of factors. As such, there are a variety of treatments that are designed to target these different causes. If you are experiencing dry eye disease, come visit our eye doctor in Round Rock. As the leading ophthalmologists in the area, we are able to diagnose and treat dry eye promptly and effectively. Make sure to listen to your doctor’s recommendations for best results.

Here are some treatments we commonly implement for dry eye disease.

Artificial Tears

Mild cases of dry eye are most commonly caused by environmental factors, such as screen time or reading. In these cases, a simple intervention is best — the use of artificial tears or a different type of eye drop.

There are so many different types of artificial tears on the market, which is both a blessing and a curse. Many are available without a prescription so they are accessible, yet there are so many options that it can be difficult to choose the right brand for you. For example, these products vary in viscosity and ingredients, and which will work best to treat your symptoms will depend on your specific condition. That’s why it’s important to always consult with an eye doctor before adding eye drops into your daily routine.

Prescription Medications

For more severe cases of dry eye disease, a prescription medication may be necessary. A popular prescription treatment for dry eye is Restasis, another type of eye drop. Rather than just lubricating the surface of the eye, it also works to reduce inflammation and promote natural tear production. Keep in mind that the effects of Restasis are not immediate. The full benefits of this medication are not in effect until at least 90 days of daily treatment.

Punctal Plugs

At Round Rock Eye Consultants, we are also able to offer punctal plugs. These are tiny devices that are inserted into the tear drainage ducts in the inner corners of the eyes. These act as a physical barrier that prevents tears from draining away from the eye, keeping eyes moist. Tears will simply evaporate from the surface of the eye without a problem.

Vitamin Supplements

It’s also common for us to recommend vitamin supplements to treat your dry eye in a holistic way. For example, research suggests that omega-3s may reduce dry eye symptoms. You can take fish oil or flaxseed oil supplements for omega-3s, or add more fish into your diet such as salmon, cod, and sardines.

Sometimes, dry eye is due to underlying issues with hydration. Therefore, drinking more water can be a simple way to relieve dry eye problems.

Lifestyle Modifications

Mild dry eye can be treated with some very simple modifications to your lifestyle. For example:

  • Blinking more often

  • Removing makeup more thoroughly

  • Cleaning your eyelids

  • Investing in higher quality sunglasses

If you are experiencing dry eye disease, we would love to help you. Contact us today for an experienced eye doctor in Round Rock.