Symptoms of Cataracts from Your Eye Doctor: Part 2

If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you know that we have been discussing the symptoms and progression of cataracts. This condition directly affects the lens of the eye and causes your vision to become extremely impaired, ultimately requiring surgery for correction.

At Round Rock Eye Consultants, our passion is your eye care. Our eye doctor is here to help you not only understand cataracts but also help you correct them. We also want to educate our patients in how to detect cataracts when they have an issue with the eye and to know when it is time to come see us in Round Rock.

Frequent Change in Prescription

Most people need to visit the eye doctor once a year; that is when their prescription may change, but usually not by much once they hit a certain age. If you notice that your vision is changing frequently and you are needing stronger lenses, this could be a sign of cataracts. You may believe getting a strong pair of reading glasses is going to be a permanent fix, but if you have cataracts, they may need to be rectified with a surgical procedure. Your eye doctor will be able to determine and diagnose what is causing your vision to change.

Yellow Vision

Once cataracts worsen, protein builds up in the eye and causes the lens to turn a yellow-brownish color. This creates a world of yellow anytime light enters the eye. This alters the way you view colors. When your vision has this yellow tint, it can be compared to wearing tintedf sunglasses all the time. Not only will this affect the way you see colors, but also how you distinguish the difference between colors as well. This is another symptom that makes it difficult to operate a vehicle. Once you correct the issue with cataract surgery, the world will seem much more clear and focused again!

Double Vision

When the lens begins to cloud, there is a possibility you may begin to experience double vision. This can not only hinder everyday activities, it can make things dangerous as well. Monocular double vision is when multiple images appear in one eye. As cataracts worsen, the double vision does, as well. Once the cataract is fixed, this symptom goes away.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, please come see Dr. Meyer, our award winning eye doctor in Round Rock. We can assess your eye care and figure out your best solution. Living with cataracts is difficult and no one should have to live with the symptoms. Call us to schedule an appointment today.