Prevent Glaucoma Today

When we think of Glaucoma, a lot comes to mind. The fact that going blind is a definite possibility is a frightening one. Glaucoma is a condition that damages the optic nerve over time because of an abnormal amount of pressure building in the eye.

The reason glaucoma is so concerning is because the damage is often irreversible. However, it can be caught early, or even prevented.

We at Round Rock Eye Consultants are well versed in glaucoma and its effects.

We realize and understand what a serious condition it is, and want to help you understand the best ways to prevent yourself from getting this serious disease.

Come See Us

Come see the friendly and knowledge experts at Round Rock Eye Consultants for regular eye care appointments. It's important for you to get eye care and a full eye exam at least every 4 years after the age of 40, when you are most susceptible to glaucoma.

Check the family tree

Glaucoma can be heredity, check your family’s history to see if there is a pattern. This can give you a good indication to see if you are possibly at risk. This can also indicate if you need to seek more frequent eye care exams in Round Rock.

Protect your eyes

Not only is glaucoma somewhat heredity it can also be brought on by a serious eye injury. Always be careful and wear protection when necessary. Being around power tools, chemicals, or high-speed sports requires the right eyewear to keep your eyes safe.

Prescribed drops

If you are very high risk for developing glaucoma you can get eye drops specifically designed to help with the pressure within your eye. You will need to use as scheduled for these to be entirely effective.


Round Rock Eye Consultants want to make sure your sparkling eyes always can see the beauty in the world. Taking these necessary steps to prevent glaucoma with proper eye care will help your vision in the long run. Call us today and schedule an appointment, we can make sure your eyes are at their best.