Finding the Right Frames For You

Picking out eyeglasses can be a very fun and exciting experience. Eyeglasses can help change up your look and enhance some already amazing features you possess. Round Rock Eye Consultants wants to help you decide which frames are going to be right for you! Our eye care specialists have an array of knowledge, and know all there is to know about eye care, and eye wear. Here is a great guide to help you pick out that new stylish frame that will suit your face:

Face shape

There are 4 main shapes; oval, round, square, and heart

Oval: This is the ideal shape because each part is proportionate to the other. This gives you many options to choose a style of frame. Glasses that would be good for oval shaped faces are as wide, if not wider, than the broadest part of the face.

Round: Is a much more simple lacking extreme definition. A round face has the same width and length proportions so you want to be able to create more definition. A good choice is narrow frames with a rectangular shape.

Square: This shape of the face has a very defined jaw line and a larger forehead. This face shape also looks good with narrow frames and with a possible oval shape.

Heart: This shape usually has a broader forehead and a thinner jaw line. Some things that will be good for this face shape and frames that appear thicker on the bottom as well as oval shaped lenses.

Skin Tone

You will fall into one of two categories: Cool or Warm

Cool: has undertones of blue or pink, most people in U.S. fall under this category

Warm: Has a yellow cast to it.

Frame Color

Based on your skin tone there are great color choices to make those frames pop

For cool tones: Best colors are black, brown, rose, blueish gray, pink, and plum.

For warm tones: Best colors are red, camel, gold, orange, blue, and off-white


There is a lot that goes into picking the right eye glasses that will make you feel confident, stylish, and your best self. Round Rock Eye Consultants take great pride in what they do when it comes to eye care in Round Rock. They can help you figure out frames will be right for you, and give you