Fascinating Facts About The Eye: Part 3

If you have been keeping up with our latest blog series, you have noticed a trend with learning all about the human eye! We find human eyes complex and an amazing organ of the body. We at Round Rock Eye Consultants are passionate about your eyes, and the care that goes into them. Always remember to make time for your routine eye exams, and come to us if you ever have problems with your vision.

Let's learn some more interesting and fun facts about the eye!

Why is the eye so unique

The eye is similar to a fingerprint, no two are the same. Also, the iris has over 250 characteristics, where the fingerprint only has about 40. Since technology is evolving, so is security. A lot of companies with high levels of security are implementing retina scans because of this fascinating fact.

Visual cues are only something that humans and canines can detect. We actually seek these visual cues out from other individuals eyes, which is why eye contact is so prevalent. Dogs do this only when communicating with humans. So your dog truly is looking with his puppy dog eyes, into your own.

An eye cannot be transplanted into someone else. While people can receive a donor cornea, the clear part of the eye, a whole eye transplant would be far too difficult to complete. The eye is attached to the optic nerve which is attached to your brain. Also, over a million nerves connect each eye to your brain, and no surgeon has been able to figure out how to reconstruct, correctly, all those nerve endings for the eye to function properly.

Being blind

If you were not born blind, you will still be able to see in your dreams. Because the individual has a concept of sight before they lost it, they can still dream in vision. However, over time this will become less and less common because the person will not remember as well what it was like before they were blind. Blind people from birth have no concept of what it is like to see the world, therefore they will not dream in picture form.

There are over 30 million blind people in the world. There are many different causes of blindness such as disease and injury, disease being the leading cause, but these are the four areas of the eye that are affected by blindness

  • The lens- this may cloud, not allowing light to enter the eye

  • The shape- if the eyes shape changes this alters the image projected onto the retina

  • The retina itself can deteriorate, also causing the perception of images to change

  • The optic nerve can become damaged. Because this is directly linked to your brain this makes it impossible for the information to be processed by your brain.

As you have witnessed, the eyes are a miraculous organ in our body. they have so many different functions and are directly tied to our brain so we can process the images we see every day. At Round Rock Eye Consultants in Round Rock, we want you to be informed and knowledgeable when it comes to your eyes. Let us always know if something doesn’t feel right and we can always schedule you an eye exam. Hopefully, this blog series reminds you to keep your eyes in check and remember how important they are to you.