Fascinating Facts About The Eye: Part 2

The eye is one of the most fascinating organs of the body, if you haven't checked out our last blog, it has many interesting facts about the eye that you can’t miss.

Round Rock Eye Consultants in Round Rock, want you to be aware that eyes, and eye care, is our passion. We want to make sure your eyes are always healthy by routine eye exams, and by you letting us know if you ever have an issue with your eyes or vision. Our eye doctors also feel it's very important for you to learn about the eye, in our last blog we went over some amazing facts about our eyes and how they function, but that wasn’t where we were going to stop. Here are some facts about the human eye!

Your tears have layers.

Each tear you have has a different purpose and is formed from a different reaction: laughing, crying, yawning, or something is irritating your eye, etc.. Each tear,, has three layers

  • Outermost- an oily layer that works as a sealant to keep tears from evaporating

  • Middle- This layer transfers vitamins and minerals to the cornea

  • Innermost- mucous layer that aids the tear to coat and moisturizes the eye

Tears all mean something different

The composition(layering) of the tear will remain the same, but there are chemical changes within the tear that mutate based on the reason they were produced.

  • Basal tears: Occur daily to keep your eyes moisturized.

  • Irritant/Reflex tears: produced in response to pain. This can range from breaking a bone to a foreign object that has made its way into your eye. They are similar to basal tears, but they have more healing properties.

  • Emotional tears: response to sadness, stress, or any extreme emotion. These tears are more protein based and they actually have a cleansing property due to pent up emotion.

All about corneas

Corneas are the only tissue in the whole body that does have any blood flowing through it, or out of it. The reasons why the cornea can function without blood vessels is because the oxygen and nutrients that it needs are distributed from the tear fluid on the outer layer of the aqueous humour.

Corneas are the fastest healing part of the body. It is said that if you, unfortunately, receive a corneal scratch or abrasion, the eye, with proper care, will heal itself in just 48 hours.

The eye is one of most complex organs of the body and is so vital to you. Make sure you are always go to routine eye doctor appointments at Round Rock Eye Consultants in Round Rock and check back at our next blog to learn even more fun and interesting facts about the eye!