Fascinating Facts About the Eye : Part 1

When we think about what our eyes are capable of, it’s pretty astounding. Our eyes are the “windows to the soul.” They see the world, but not in the ways you might think.

We at Round Rock Eye Consultants in lovely Round Rock, make eyes our passion. We find the eyes fascinating, and we want to make sure your eyes are always healthy, letting you view the beauty of the world. There are many facts that you may not realize exist when it comes to the human eye.

Retinas perceive the world very differently.

Upside down

When an image comes into your line of vision, your retina actually perceives the image upside down. This is because of the light that enters the cornea is always curved, and is bending the light, causing the upside-down image on the retina. Your brain is actually the source that corrects the image so that we see it right side up.

Split up Not only are the images upside down, but they are also split in half by your retina as well! Your brain yet again has to decode the image, not only flip it right-side up, but decode which side should go where, so that when you view the image it is not all distorted.

No lady in red Another fun fact about your retina(there seems to be a theme here) it actually cannot perceive the color red. Your retinas have red, green, and blue color receptors, which then, again, the brain decodes and matches them together to create the red signal you see.

The beginnings of the eye

Your eyes actually are some of the first features developing in an embryo. It only takes two weeks for that little guy or gal to develop eyes.

Your eyeballs actually never grow. They are the same size your whole lifetime. The only reason they seem to appear bigger is other features of face continue to grow, like our nose and ears.

Only ⅙ of the eye is exposed. The eye is actually very large and there is a lot happening behind the socket that we are unaware of, if you were to look at eyeball, outside the eye socket, you would be pretty shocked.

The purpose of your eye socket is to protect this complex organ. The eye socket is a hollow pocket within the skull. Your eyebrows are actually positioned on your face to prevent sweat and other particles from getting into the eye, and your eyelashes are to prevent dirt.

These facts about the eye will hopefully remind you that your eyes are a very important part of you, and it is important to take care of them. If you ever need an eye exam or think there may be an issue that needs attention, please come see Round Rock Eye Consultants in Round Rock. We are professional, knowledgeable, and have a passion for helping you with your eye care. Call today and check back at our next blog with more interesting and fun facts about the eye!