Could You Possibly Be Suffering From Glaucoma? Part 2

If you have been reading our blog, you may be familiar with the symptoms to be aware of if you believe you have glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease that affects the optic nerve and if not treated, can cause permanent nerve damage and vision loss. Our eye doctor in Round Rock is here for all your eye care needs, especially glaucoma screenings. If you believe you may suffer from glaucoma, come visit Dr. Joseph Meyer, our award winning eye doctor at Round Rock Eye Consultants.

Here are additional symptoms of glaucoma:


Many who suffer from glaucoma explain that one of their symptoms is seeing a rainbow-like light when looking directly into a luminous source. This impairment can range from double-vision to seeing spots all around the room. People usually think halos and bouts of spots and double vision are temporary, as it is not a serious condition. However, if you experience frequent occurrences of this phenomenon, it is time to come see our eye doctor in Round Rock.


When someone with glaucoma is in a low light environment, they may complain about not being able to make out images and objects clearly. Objects and people can appear with distortion with fuzzy borders. This is one of the earliest signs of glaucoma and potentially a more dangerous one. The reason it can cause more harm is because many patients may simply believe it is a random occurrence and isn't something to be taken seriously. However, anytime you suffer from an onset of vision distortion or impairment you should always take it seriously. If you have noticed your vision behaving in this manner, come see our professional eye doctor in Round Rock.

Eye Irritation

In our last post, we discussed the pain that can be associated with glaucoma. This eye disease typically causes aching at the eye's surface accompanied by extreme redness and irritation. Not only can the eye become very red in color, it may also become swollen and very tender. Unfortunately, the more strain the eye is going through, the worse the irritation can be. When you are attempting to watch television, read a book, or watch a movie, you may experience tearing that can seem uncontrollable. When the eye isn’t watering nonstop, the condition may become entirely the opposite: Very dry. This causes eye rubbing in attempt to find temporary relief. Unfortunately, this may only worsen the irritation. If you notice your eyes watering significantly more frequently while doing normal activities, you should not take this symptom lightly and see our eye care professional.

Aversion to Light

In the later stages of the eye disease, it can be extremely difficult for patients to be in any type of light source. Dimly lit rooms can become hard for the eyes to adjust to, and making out images and objects correctly may be impossible. In brightly lit areas, eyes can begin to water significantly and exposure to the light could cause eye pain to occur. This discomfort can make living with glaucoma extremely difficult because the eyes ultimately are unable to comfortably or correctly adjust to any type of lighting. If you are finding it difficult going from one luminous source to the next, come see our eye doctor right away.

Intense Headaches Originating With the Eye

One of the more severe signs of closed angle glaucoma is headaches that can feel almost unbearable. Eye strain headaches may be experienced after watching too much television or working at a computer screen for long periods of time. These kinds of headaches, however, are also accompanied by blurred vision and a severe eye ache. If you are experiencing all these symptoms at once, it is important you treat this as an emergency and get to an eye doctor.

No Peripheral Vision

Difficulty detecting objects in your peripheral vision is another potential sign of glaucoma eye disease. People with acute glaucoma are typically unable to view objects unless in their direct line of vision.Progression can be at first where images will become blurry, then they will become unclear entirely, and finally they will be extremely difficult to detect. Once this phase of glaucoma has occurred, driving a vehicle and go places alone is no longer possible.

Symptoms such as these need to be taken seriously. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, please come see our award winning eye doctor in Round Rock. At Round Rock Eye Consultants, our mission is to give you the best eye care in Texas. Schedule your appointment with Ophthalmologist Joseph Meyer, M.D. today!