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October 14, 2019

An estimated three percent of the U.S. population has amblyopia. Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a common vision development disorder. Amblyopia occurs when an eye does not reach normal visual acuity, even if glasses or contacts are worn. Generally, this conditio...

June 8, 2018

It’s not uncommon to develop cataracts at an older age. In fact, according to Kellogg Eye Center, about 90 percent of people over age 65 have a cataract and 50 percent of people between 75 and 85 have already lost some vision due to this condition.

As our eyes age, the...

June 3, 2018

We all know that feeling of coming home after a long day and having sore, dry eyes from trying to keep our eyes open all day to get some work done. But having dry eyes every once in a while usually isn’t a huge problem. What’s more concerning is when this dry eye sympt...

March 28, 2018

We’ve all been there, we drag ourselves out of bed only to remember that we went to bed late and got less than seven hours of sleep. Doctors have always stressed the importance of an adequate night’s sleep and its effects on your general health and well being. Accordin...

March 18, 2018

Did you know that March is National Save Your Vision Month? This month is used to promote eye safety in all aspects of daily life from workplace safety to digital eye strain. We at Round Rock Eye Consultants would like to reach out to you and let you know about some of...

January 29, 2018

Have you thought of getting cataract surgery? You’ll often be offered either traditional cataract surgery or laser cataract surgery. Although these two procedures may seem similar at first glance, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to each so it’s importan...

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