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An OCT scan, or an Optical Coherence Tomography is a procedure that uses light waves to take pictures of your retina from the side. OCTs allow an ophthalmologist to map each layer of your retina and diagnose issues if they’re present. In addition, an OCT scan can provi...

Hello, and welcome back to the Round Rock Eye Consultants blog. On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible within a band that stretches across the entire United States for the first time since February 1979. People across the nation will be flocking to...

If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you know that we have been discussing the symptoms and progression of cataracts.  This condition directly affects the lens of the eye and causes your vision to become extremely impaired, ultimately requiring surgery for corr...

A cataract is a serious eye condition, and there is much you can learn  about  symptoms, progression, and treatments. There is a way to correct cataracts, but the faster they are diagnosed, the better. At Round Rock Eye Consultants, your eye care and health is both our...

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